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  • Sales Dept. 1 - Advanced Composites
  • Sales of Functional Materials and parts
    Advanced composite materials (Fiber Reinforced Plastic)manufactured by Super resin
    We are selling a wide variety of custom-made FRP products, such as carbon fiber reinforced plastics or glass fiber reinforced plastics.

    Carbon fiber reinforced plastics [CFRP]
    "FRP" is an acronym for "Fiber Reinforced Plastic". This is a plastic which is reinforced by combining with fiber materials. And "CFRP" means the composite of carbon fiber with a variety of resin.
    We are dealing with a variety of CFRP materials which are adopted in various fields, such as aircrafts, artificial satellites, and various factory automation facilities.
  • Aircrafts
  • Artificial satellites
  • industrial robots
  • pressure vessels
  • Medical equipments

  • Glass fiber reinforced plastics [GFRP]
    "GFRP" means the composite of glass fiber with a variety of resin. GFRP is suitable for large-scale structures, such as radar domes, monuments, statues, and windmill blades.
  • Statues, Monuments
  • Radar domes
  • Windmill blades